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This week in review:


The New Flavors The Buffet at Harrah's Joliet is now open, great service by our server Ann Marie, lunch today was only $34.00 for two, the quality and selection is much improved. Hours are now: Breakfast Mon-Sun 8am-10:30am $11.99 w/TR, Sun Brunch 11am-3pm $22.99 w/TR, Lunch Mon-Sat 11am - 3pm $15.49 w/TR Dinner Mon - Wed. 4pm - 9pm $18.49 w/TR Thur. BBQ night $18.49 w/TR, Fri. Crab Leg night $31.99 w/TR, Sat. Steak and Shrimp night $22.99 w/TR, Sun. Pasta & Prime Rib night $22.99 w/TR.  The new dessert area is amazing, roasted pork, kielbasa and Frango at the carving station with Corinna, and the custom sandwich station is great I had the Reuben made by Dustin, Thank  you all Great Buffasino experience.


Epic Buffet at Hollywood Casino Joliet dinner was $48.27 for two with Marquee Rewards discount, Gabriella at cash, Samantha as host, and Belinda as our server again, a true professional server. the quality and selection has improved from previous visits and is proving again a place to go.   


Epic Buffet at Hollywood Casino Joliet lunch was only $36.90 Lunch for two with Marquee Rewards discount, Gabriella at cash, Kimberly as host, and Belinda as our server again, very very nice with great service, beer battered cod and roasted Pollok very good.  


Village Square Buffet Horseshoe Hammond, IN. Shanice at cash, Veamda as host, and Ebony as our excellent server, only $30.79 for lunch w/TR, the turkey and cheesecake was the best.  


Epic Buffet at Hollywood Casino Joliet lunch was only $13.16 Belinda our server very nice with great service, beer battered cod and roasted Pollok very good.  


Village Square Buffet Horseshoe Hammond, IN. Rosalind at cash, Shaquille as host, Hector as server, Lunch only $30.79 for two w/TR. the salid was amazingly fresh, the turkey at the carving station was tender and tasty, and the cheese cake was wow. 


Heritage Buffet Ameristar Casino East Chicago, IN. only $29.94 for lunch Jordan at Cash, Judy as host and Dawn very nice person and great server.  Chef Haas at the carving station with medium beef tri-tip, and brad pudding was amazing, New hours Breakfast $9.99 Mon. - Fri. 7am - 10:30am, Lunch $13.99 Mon. - Fri. 11am - 2pm, Dinner $15.99 Sun. - Thur.  4pm - 9pm, Seafood Dinner $26.99 Fri. 4pm - 10pm, Prime Rib & Shrimp Dinner $21.99 Saturday, 4pm - 10pm, Weekend Brunch $13.99 Sat. & Sun. 7am - 2pm .


Epic Buffet at Hollywood Joliet only $28.51 for two, Ashley at cash, Kira as host and Patricia as server, our fist time back in a long time, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the buffet is closed, Thur-Sat Lunch 11:30-3pm $13.99, Sun. & Thur. Dinner 4pm-8pm $17.99 Friday Seafood Dinner 4pm-10pm $34.99, Sat. Prime Rib Dinner 4pm-10pm $22.99, Sunday Brunch 10am-3pm $16.99. Jessica at the carving station with very juicy turkey, bread pudding was good too.


Village Square Buffe at Horseshoe Hammond, Valanda at Cash, Maria as host, Leticia our very friendly and attentive server. The turkey at the carving station was very good. lunch only $30.79 for two. 


Village Square Buffet at Horseshoe Hammond, Maria at cash, Junana as host and service by Kendra, two dollars off w/TR only $35.98 for two, two cuts of prime rib at the carving station. 

Harrah's Buffet Harrah's Tunica, Cash was Andréa, Host was Jean, and great service by Mathew, Lunch only $13.19 Larry at the carving station with brisket very good, Wilson at desert station with an excellent bread pudding.  


  Heritage Buffet at Ameristar Casino Hotel East Chicago, In. a new Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. property. Saturdays is Prime Rib and Shrimp night only $44.92 for two, Bobbi was our cashier, Sharon our hostess, Belinda our server she was very good and on the spot timing with drinks, excellent service! Medium Prime Rib was the best! Turkey and very tasty Ribs at the carving station by Chef Michele Haas. Chef Haas asked also was very much into total customer service. when I commented on the normally available chocolate cheesecake, my wife will let us make the drive just for that, Chef Haas went in the back and personally brought us some chocolate cheesecake. Thank You! Chef Haas.        

07/10/13, Last buffet for this trip, Pinkie at the Flamingo Las Vegas Pinkie's fav. The Paradise Gardens Buffet, a Caesars Entertainment property. Maggie as hostess, and Elvira as our server, $ 71.96 for four persons, smoked salmon and great and  carved ham, a perfect breakfast with the best service and friendly people, Special thanks to everyone that made our stay at the Flamingo GREAT! thanks again, TTFN, Mr. Buffasino 

Tuesday July 9th 11:26 Luis was our host, and Monica was our server. Only $17.27 for two people at the Fremont Hotel And Casino a Boyd Gaming property at the Paradise Buffet & Cafe, yes both a buffet with servers and a Cafe with servers to take your order. Not very big not a huge selection, but good selection and good quality and great for the price. with very friendly people.  

Monday July 8th for dinner buffasino at South Point Valley South Strip LV, started with a greeting by the cashier Leilani, our host Robert, and our server Marcelino again very attentive and professional, with two glasses of wine with our dinner it was $34.48 (with players card) for two, Prime rib and shrimp good to go and great to eat, the selection and quality is amazing for the price. the desserts are wonderful, again great job! Marcelino and thanks again Chef Michael !!

Monday July 8 2013, Main Street Station downtown LV at the Garden Court Buffet, only $17.27 for two (2) for breakfast. Sonny was cashier, Deb was hostess, and Wil was server friendly and attentive on the spot with drink replenishment, the selection and quality was way above average, the koala park was amazing, Claudia at the carving station had brisket and turkey, the brisket was good and the turkey was moist and flavorful. The greens with optional malt vinegar had a real southern taste. On the the best part the desserts are the best at Main Street, cakes and pies and more all just great! I had the German chocolate cake, moist and WOW. Also note a buffet that still has a real buffet.     

Date line Sunday July 7th 2013, at Flavors Buffet inside Harrah's Las Vegas a Ceasars Entertainment property center strip LV, Carol was our cashier, Maria was our hostess, and Phuong was our server. A very pleasant and positive staff, Phuong is very professional, personable and attentive server, Great Job Phuong! as I did yesterday, it was noticeable that lots people in the back tending to the buffet. The smoked salmon, bagel with cream cheese, diced onion, diced red tomato with capers is the best!. Medium cut New York strip on the carving station again today makes this another almost perfect buffasino experience. (perfect would have been medium prime rip, *yes for breakfast*) agian. I did notice that attention to  labels on the placards does need some attention. The cheese cake strawberries and wiped cream was a great ending. ONLY %75.96  for four (4) people at Flavors. Thanks again FLAVORS!

Saturday July 6th 17:56 (5:56PM) South Point Valley South Strip LV, it all started with a very pleasant greeting by the cashier Barbra who it turns out like us, is from Chicagoland (Mt. Prospect) too, Jonathan was our greater and Arlene from (Brooklyn, NY) was our hostess with a very pleasant and positive invitation to the buffet. Our server was Marcelino and you could not find a more attentive and professional server if you tried, again great job! Marcelino. Now the food is something at South Point Garden Buffet. and for only $43.13 (with players card) for two, You get 118 steps of delight including two islands. I started with two of my favorites, baked smoked salmon and Prime Rib from Daniel at the carving station. Now most places have one cut of prime rib at a carving station as an example of the selection and quality Daniel had two cuts of prime to cut from true quality in my book. on the the seafood selection King cracked crab legs and three different kinds of shrimp, along with almost anything you could want. the deserts are something else. I had the chocolate cake, but again you name it and it was likely available. after this PERFECT BUFFASINO EXPERIENCE, I was able to let Chef Michael know. Thanks Again Michael for a PERFECT BUFFASINO EXPERIENCE. WOW I don't type that or say it much...how do you do it for the price? I know you love the gamer and like the local people, and you keep the original meaning of a Casino Buffet, bring them in and keep-em-in the joint! I say all you all, come on down south to 9777 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89183 and check it out. You can follow the web links underlined above too.

Saturday July 6th valley north, started with a great breakfast/lunch at Texas Station Stations Casino property, Rejett was our cashier, Shu was our hostess and Server. A nicer staff you will be hard pressed to find the greeting and invitation to the buffet was very personable and friendly. The cost for two was amazing, we got in just under the breakfast price of $10.79 for two at 10:54am, and things had started to switch over to lunch already. I had the chance to ask chef Rafael what a fish dish was signs had not yet been changed over and the dish was Swai fish a type of sea bass and it was very tasty. The quality and selection was very very good the smoked chicken and pulled bbq pork at the Bar-B-Que section was amazing. James at the carving station had roasted stuffed pork, ham and turkey, I had the stuffed pork and it was melt in your mouth great. the desert station was amazing too. all in all the quality selection and price was great and the people could not be more professional and nicer. Thank you Bruce.

We went to the Rio for the Rat Pack Is Back Show (a welcome change up from previous shows, and as always, a great show!) I was surprised, no line at 5:30pm as we walked  up to Carnival Worlds self-service ATM like automated cashier, the price for one in the lower left corner of the screen was $32.95 a person. I looked at my wife, Pinkie looked at us and said, NO WAY. sorry, thats just to much. I don't post negative but in April we went to the Carnival World Buffet, and it was not a stellar experience. I talked to the manager then, with out any satisfaction to some simple items and procedures. So based on that and the new price, it was a no go. Please note this is the only Ceasars property with two (yes 2) buffets, I am not talking about the more expensive Village Seafood Buffet at the east end of the property. More details available upon request. 

Date line July 5th 2013, at Flavors Buffet inside Harrah's Las Vegas a Ceasars Entertainment property center strip LV, Paula was our cashier, Maria was our hostess, and Jhen was our server. A very pleasant and positive staff, I also noticed more people in the back tending to the buffet. The smoked salmon on a bagel with cream cheese, diced onion, diced red tomato with capers is the best. Also Jesus on the carving station had medium New York strip, now that's what Pinkie calls an almost perfect buffasino! (perfect would have been medium prime rip, *yes for breakfast*) also at the carving station was sausage and ham. I asked Chef Brian as he walked by what the dish was in back of the country fried steak, it was breaded chicken, and wow was it good! I did notice a lot of label cars out but room for improvement in that area. The cheese cake strawberries and wiped cream was a great ending to this almost perfect buffasino experience. The cost for two was $38.89, special note: Harrahs Flavors is less then Flamingo Paradise Garden and is carving beef for breakfast. The selection is just a little better in the number of different dishes in each area and the quality seems to be the same. **This may be the pick of the week for mid-strip buffasinos for quality, selection, service and price!!!!**

4th of July valley north LV, dinner was at the Feast in the Santa Fe Station a Stations Casino property, Maria was cashier, Ruth was our hostess and Carrie was our server. For the two of us it was only $21.60 with players card. and WOW what a great value!! the quality and selection was good, the carving station had medium roasted beef that was excellent. The garlic chicken was very very good! Carrie was very attentive and friendly. The supervisor Maria stopped by and asked how was everything? I got the opportunity to tell her about some of the labels on the buffet some wrong and just mixed up or switched. but all in all I am starting to like very much the off strip "valley" casinos for price quality and selection with very friendly people.    

To start the 4th off with the best environment possible, center strip LV, staying at the Flamingo Las Vegas and went to Pinkie's fav. The Paradise Gardens Buffet, a Caesars Entertainment property, Emilia was our cashier, Mia was our hostess and Alma was our server, true professionals each one and very friendly with greetings and invitations, (I think I am getting known here) but again confirmed with Jan last week on the phone, the smoked salmon with onion, yellow tomatoes (today) and one half butter and the other half cream cheese on a bagel. that my fav. The ham at the carving station was also perfect. the overall selection and quality was very good. The new french toast casserole was very tasty with syrup and butter. Made to order omelets and eggs along with everything you could want for breakfast was on the counters. The fruit was very good too. and the cookies to finish it off was great. for two with total rewards was $47.54 a little much, the cost could be better, but quality, selection and service are very good and "its the place".    

07/03/2013 12:06pm; valley near south, Green Valley Ranch 2300 Paseo Verde Parkway Henderson, Nv. 89052 a Stations Casino Las Vegas property. We arrived at McCarran International Airport and drive the 7.8 miles in just under 12 minutes. After a few minutes in line at (noon time), Tuan greeted us and was our cashier, grand total for two and a GREAT value at $19.44. Our primary hostess was Lori very nice and seating hostess was Marie with extra napkins. We had a very worm and inviting greeting from our server Kendra great as a server very attentive and professional server. Now the food, WOW great selection and quality tremendous value at $9.72 with players card including tax for each buffet. Roxanne at the carving station had  very moist and tasty turkey with stuffing and gravy it was the best!, she also had ham, sausage and chicken. The greens had a taste like southern greens in Tunica, Ms. the See Bass was very good too. Oh ya, can't forget about the brisket, great taste. Thanks Patrick. In one of the displays someone had made a palm tree decoration out of green pepper see picture.


Flamingo Paradise Gardens, a Caesars Entertainment property, Emilia as Cashier, Mia as Hostess, and Elvira as server. The smoked salmon is a breakfast item I truly enjoy and the bagels, cream cheese, tomato, and capers was heavenly wonderful. Janet at the crape station made me another great "Janet special" the selection was very good and the quality even better. Our first morning back in Paradise was made even better with our visit to the Paradise Garden Buffet at the forever fabulous Flamingo Las Vegas. With OJ, ice tea and coffee, the AM price for two $43.22 a good value.

Amber as Cashier, Carmencita as Hostess, and Pon as server. Robert at the carving station had (another fav.) two cuts of Prime Rib to carve from, the medium was the best… Thanks for having two cuts to carve from a mark of a truly great buffet. The salmon w/dill sauce was very good, thanks for having crab legs and shrimp another mark of an excellent evening buffet. With ice tea and coffee, the PM price for two $58.35 a good value.


Caesars Palace Las Vegas a Caesars Entertainment property; at the "NEW" Bacchanal Buffet this is a truly remarkable location. Over 500 items with outstanding quality and selection. Roy carving slab bacon, the smoked salmon choices and the smoked salmon breakfast pizza "WOW". Over 160 steps no joke, in the main line of high quality and massive selection buffet, and the the island of desserts and made to order crepes is another 45 steps. Our server Julie has over 30 years at Caesars fun and is a true professional. with this breakfast only 21.99 (discount with card) is well worth the selection and quality. This is Pinky's new favorite palace, I mean place!    


Flamingo Las Vegas Casino & Hotel Las Vegas, Nv. a Caesars Entertainment property; The  Paradise Garden Buffet was very very good. Maggie as hostess, and Elvira as our server, the service is very good, the prime rib cut medium was perfect, we arrived to late in the day for smoked salmon but we have tomorrow to look forward to, note come early for the smoked salmon. The made to order breakfast items very nice. For two it was $45.38 and well well worth that.



  Ameristar Casino, East Chicago, In. Ameristar Casinos Inc. property, now in marketing alliance with MGM Resorts Intl. at the Heritage Buffet;  lunch for $12.99, Jessyka/Cashier/host, Leetesha/server, great A service with friendly introduction, Room Chef Stephen  at the carving station with two cuts of tri-tip beef, the medium was great as always, honorable mention goes  to the Lasagna Roll Up with ricotta cheese and mushroom souse great taste and texture. For dessert the made in-house creme brulee with fruit and the terra ma sue top the taste buds. Overall an A buffasino experience for selection, taste and value. Gamming 25c video poker jacks or better is FH=8 F=5 odds, could be better, table games roulette and craps for $5, other table games at $10 & $25. new slot game to come Space Attack, Ameristar is very good for new theme Slots. For Stephen, who remembers 70s funk and 8 tracks, this song was playing as I walked up to the carving station, click on this line and enjoy

  Harrah's Casino, Joliet, IL. Caesars Entertainment property; Major improvements come and see the Paula Deans buffet and restaurant the prime rib is the best and service is better then ever. 

  Hollywood Casino, Joliet, IL. a Penn National Gaming property; at the Epic Buffet for dinner $15.99 with card, $19.99 Amaryah/Cashier, Michelle/Host, Stacy/Server with introduction, great service A+ and good communication; Kathleen at the carving station had some of the best roast beef flavor, the crusted cod was good, the pea and pasta salad was very tasty too. Note: Pretzel Bread Stick still missing...this in-house made creme brulee and cupcakes are good. Overall an A Buffasino Experience, gamming 25c video poker FH=8 F-5, odds could be better. 

  Harrah's St. Louis, Maryland Heights, Mo. a Caesars Entertainment property; at the Eat Up! Buffet for dinner, $19.47, Emelia/Cashier, Brianna/Host, Meheret/Server, very pleasant introduction at fist contact, very positive and attentive. A+ service, Brisket medium well very good flavor, Peel & Eat shrimp 16/20 size and the crab rangooon very tasty, the Cake Walk had an honorable mention an OreoKiss made in-house a surprise of chocolate flavor inside a candy shell in the shape of a cone on an oreo (brand name not confirmed) cookie. WOW what a taste!, Overall B+ Buffasino experience. no gamming tonight sorry.

  Gold Strike Tunica Robinsonville, Ms. an MGM Resorts International property; at the Courtyard Buffet, Dinner, 8.70 with special offer, Brande/Cashier, Sierra/Host, Terrence/Server, Prime Rib only one cut to carve medium-well good flavor, some items could use improvement talked to Chef Denasis B. and Candi M. manager, the coffee was very good, asked it is an MGM brand "Beaurivage", ground and shipped from the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, Ms. The German Chocolate Cake made in-house was also very good, Overall C+ Buffasino experience, Gamming, $5 tables, video poker (Jacks Or Better FH=8 F=5 good odds.

Sunday April 29th Harrah's Tunica Robinsonville, Ms. a Caesars Entertainment property; at the Paula Dean Buffet Dinner, $19.99 With Card total for one $21.99, Bonita/Cashier, Shanelle/Server, Roast Beef only one cut to carve medium-well very good flavor, cheeseburger meatloaf good again but noted change, onion dinner rolls with butter Great!, Beef Brisket is honorable mention today! coconut cake made on-site moist and fresh flavor. Overall B+ Buffasino experience, Gamming, 2crdidt 25c slots are tight tonight lost, video poker (Jacks Or Better FH=6 F=5) odds could be better but won. Come stay and play Terrace Hotel & Spa King no-smoking was $23.10 with Total Rewards. 

Some of Pinky's adventures


BY THE WAY, WHERE IS THE ORIGINAL LAS VEGAS FLAMINGO PINKIE? click this line to discover more....


Rev. Q3 2013 Las Vegas casino tree with history




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